Local Authorities

We strive to offer our local authorities a rapid assessment process. On receipt of your learner’s papers, our Admissions Coordinator, Louise, will contact you within 48 hours. Louise will inform you as to whether a placement could be potentially suitable with us and whether a place is available within an appropriate peer group.

We carry out an initial learner assessment. This involves observing a learner either at their current school or in their home, offering the opportunity of talking to the class teacher, therapist or parents/ carers.
The admissions panel will decide if a learner is suitable for placement. To ensure the best possible outcome, they will be invited in to school for a ‘sit in’, which will take between 1 and 3 days, depending on the complexity of the their needs.

If the Head teacher feels that Eagle House School can meet your learner’s needs then we will write to you informing you of this with the final assessment being completed within 7 days of confirmation.
If Eagle House School is not suitable for your learner, the admissions team will be happy to discuss their reasons with you and offer suggestions for alternative provision if required.
If you would like to have an informal discussion on any matter regarding Eagle House Group of schools, please contact Julia Pithouse; Chief Executive, on 0845 074 2972 or email admin@eaglehousegroup.co.uk

For Eagle House School (Mitcham) and Eagle House School (Sutton) please direct enquiries to Louise:

Admissions Coordinator
By phone: 020 8687 7050

E-mail: admissions@eaglehousegroup.co.uk

By mail:
c/o Schools’ Business Office
Eagle House Group
Eagle House School (Mitcham)
224 London Road

We understand that attempting to find the right school for your child can be both daunting and exhausting. We also understand that parents and carers need to talk through their questions in an informal and supportive manner.