Our Secondary School

Eagle House School (Sutton)

Eagle House School (Sutton) caters for learners aged from 11 to 19 years old in our Lower Pathway Department, and 11 to 16 yrs in our Upper Pathway Department.

What distinguishes us from many other schools is our ability to work with learners to develop all of their areas of need – not just their education. This is possible due to our effective teaching teams and the input they receive from our in-house Curriculum Access Team (CA Team), which is comprised of our different therapists. By ‘streaming’ our learners, we can support those who may be capable of achieving academic qualifications, through to those who may be working at an early stage of learning.

Our unique multi-professional team works together to support learners in the classroom setting. This ensures that learners receive a consistent and coordinated education within a well structured school day that is both motivating and purposeful.


It is our vision that by the end of their time at Eagle House School (Sutton), all of our learners will have a sense of achievement, a raised self esteem and will leave us with a positive attitude towards their future life and learning:-

  • We value every learner as an individual
  • We provide a safe, secure and positive environment
  • We are welcoming and accepting
  • We provide a motivating school day
  • We encourage learning through participation, enjoyment and success
  • We develop enquiring minds by providing meaningful learning opportunities
  • We encourage our young people to communicate with confidence
  • We promote effective and supportive relationships with parents and carers
  • We strive to be a centre of excellence in the field of autism